April 19-20,2018
Day one morning-Global Industry trends

Day one afternoon to Day two

Stream A -Drug Substance

Stream B --Formulation Design and development

Stream C-- Analytical Development and Support

Stream D-- Regulatory Planning and BE Studies Session

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DDF Asia 2013



EAGis a world leader in pharmaceutical testing and support. OurMaterials Sciences division focuses on non-GMP, investigative research. We havean unparalleled collection of chromatographic, spectroscopic and imaginginstruments that help us solve the most complex of problems. We can design fullreverse engineering programs to investigate how pharmaceutical products(including topicals, tablets, capsules, etc.) are put together and what exactingredients were used. Our generic pharmaceutical customers can then use thisinformation for the preparation of their own equivalent products and use ourdata to support their ANDA filings (or equivalent for other jurisdictions). Wework with customers all over the world including Asia, Europe, Australia andNew Zealand. We also perform material characterization (API polymorph, etc.) aswell as contaminant and impurity identification work to support product qualityprograms.

OurLife Sciences division brings decades of experience and expertise to thedevelopment and commercialization of small molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals,antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), drug-device combination products and othertherapies. From designing IND-enabling studies to delivering full CMCanalytical and QC support, we join your R&D team as a true partner. EAGscientists take time to understand both your commercial goals and the uniquecharacteristics of your compound. We provide expert guidance to balanceregulatory expectations with expediency and cost, and approach technical challengeswith flexibility and resolve.

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