April 19-20,2018
Day one morning-Global Industry trends

Day one afternoon to Day two

Stream A -Drug Substance

Stream B --Formulation Design and development

Stream C-- Analytical Development and Support

Stream D-- Regulatory Planning and BE Studies Session

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DDF Asia 2013



Beijing CTSmed Co.,Ltd., is the development of comprehensive professional clinicalresearch outsourcing company dedicated to the Internet platform of innovativethinking. The company was founded in November 30, 2010, and is listed in the newover-the-counter market(number 831257) in October 2014. Companies adhering tothe "integrity" and "efficient" and "excellence"and "innovation" concept, pay close attention to customer needs,solvethe shortcomings of information opaque, non sharing, and non interoperabilityin the implementation of clinical research,strict implementation of the projectoperation, the multi quality control of clinical research. Through the closecombination of the Internet, it is possible to "make clinical trialssimpler and make health simpler". We will strive to build systematicservices for clinical trial and whole industry chain. We are committed toproviding systematic and high-quality clinical research services for domesticand foreign pharmaceutical enterprises, and aspire to become one of the mostinfluential companies in clinical research.

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