April 25-26,2019
Day one morning-Global Industry trends

Day one afternoon to Day two

Stream A-- Drug Substance

Stream B-- Formulation Design and development

Stream C-- Analytical Development and Support

Stream D-- Regulatory Planning Session

Stream E-- BE Studies Session

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Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of China Pharmaceutical Association

    China Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) is a national, academic, non-profit social organization with legal personality and is registered according to law. Established by Chinese pharmacy workers in 1907, CPA is one of the earliest academic groups in China and a member of the China Science and Technology Association。CPA plays as a bridge or a link for contact between the party &the government and pharmacy workers, and it is also  the dominant force in promoting Chinese pharmaceutical science & technology and a healthy development of medical and health care, as well as in providing public health services.

    Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of China Pharmaceutical Association (PECCPA) was established in 1987 and it is directly under China Pharmaceutical Association. There are 40 members in the current committee. Professor Yu Xiong is the chairman, and Tang Lida, Zhang Qi, Liu Juyan and Song Gonghua are vice chairmen.Committee members are experts whose work units are the pharmaceutical engineering related like enterprises, universities, research institutes, and drug regulatory departments.  13 members belong to pharmaceutical-related enterprises,7 members belong to scientific research institutes, 14 members belong to colleges and universities, and 2 members are belong to drug regulatory departments. They are experts and scholars who have got outstanding achievements, and have enjoyed high impact on pharmaceutical engineering related industry and academy .

    PECCPA is established in the chemical pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering of Chinese pharmacy, bio-pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical preparation engineering, pharmaceutical equipment and GMP.

    Since its inauguration, PECCPA has been making significant contributions to the prosperity and development of pharmacy, to the popularization of pharmacy among the public, to the emerging of large numbers of professional talents, and to the overall economic and social development in China. PECCPA pays close attention to  hot issues of China's pharmaceutical industry , and actively holds the professional field of academic annual meeting or high-end summit. PECCPA holds  annual academic meeting at least once a year, the ISPE Association, and national college student pharmaceutical engineering composition contest held by Sichuan University. PECCPA also assists and complets CPA for academic activities, policies and regulations consulting, and talents recommendation.

    PECCPA devotes itself to boosting the development of pharmaceutical industry in China and enhancing science literacy of the whole nation, organizes and encourages scientists and engineers of the country, to conducting academic exchange, science popularization,pharmaceutical consulting and other activities according to the country's pharmaceutical industry development strategy, to accelerating the emergence of talents, and to voicing the opinions of pharmacy professionals and firmly safeguarding their legitimate rights.


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